SharePoint Toolbox 1

Ab sofort gibt es neben der SharePoint Kaffeetasse hier auch die SharePoint Toolbox, wo ich in Zukunft neue und interessante Tools und Addons für SharePoint vorstellen werde:

  • SharePoint Account Provision
    Account provisioning webparts for SharePoint 2007. Provides an administrative interface in SharePoint for creating new users. Users can also change their password from SharePoint. Compatible with WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007.
    Tested with: ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider, SqlMembershipProvider, Windows intergrated authentication, Custom membership providers.
  • ITaCS Change Password web part
    This web part enables users to change their local or Active Directory password from within a SharePoint Site Collection. It is designed for Windows SharePoint Services v3 and the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 as well.
  • Portal Solutions SharePoint Toolbox
    This project consists of several SharePoint add-on, enhancements, web parts and framework developed by Portal Solutions to speed up SharePoint deployment. The tools includes rollup and aggregation web parts and provisioning framework (on-create site event)

    • WssSync – a tool easing synchronization between files on local hard drive and files in SharePoint content DB.
    • WssDeploy – a remote server deployment and debugging assistance tool integrated with Visual Studio 2008
  • SharePoint Enhanced Calendar by ArtfulBits 
    This WSS feature enhance SharePoint calendar and provides "AJAX-like" functionality for On-the-Fly features of adding, deleting, dragging, resizing, editing appointments and events in Outlook 2007 like style.
  • Fusion Charts Free for SharePoint (FCFS)
    Fusion Charts Free for SharePoint (FCFS) provides a set of 22 different charts (2D & 3D) that integrates easily into your SharePoint environment (WSS 3.0 or MOSS 2007).
    FCFS provides you a powerful way to display very nice looking charts into SharePoint with minimum effort.

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