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  • SharePoint ToolBox 128 – SharePoint Framework v1.6, PowerApps, Flow, Graph Samples

    SharePoint Framework v1.6 We are pleased to announce the release of SharePoint Framework v1.6 – bringing the availability of new tools to help you build engaging team and communication sites.  APIs for calling into Microsoft Graph and Web APIs are now generally available, we’ve improved our Dialog user experience framework, and you can now deploy SharePoint Framework tenant […]

  • SharePoint ToolBox 127 – MS Project Training Template, Office365 API Editor, Bot Builder SDK

    Project Training Template für Microsoft Project Mit dem Project Training Template (.MPP in deutscher und englischer Sprachversion) für Microsoft Project* erhalten Sie eine Starthilfe für einen strukturierten Planungsstart mit dem bewährten Planungswerkzeug von Microsoft. Führen Sie auf anschauliche Art und Weise kleine und große Projekte anhand einer durchdachten Vorlage durch den Planungsprozess und behalten Sie […]

  • SharePoint ToolBox 126 SharePoint Provider Hosted App PowerShell Installer, Sitecore Flow Connector, Timeline Storyteller

    [GitHub] SharePoint Provider Hosted App Installer using PowerShell SharePoint Provider Hosted App Installer using PowerShell It will install a SharePoint Provider Hosted App which was build using Visual Studio. Please also see this: https://www.hobmaier.net/2018/01/sharepoint-provider-hosted-app-installer.html [GitHub] Sitecore Flow Connector  Sitecore Flow is a free, open source Sitecore / Microsoft Flow connector. Connect Sitecore to hundreds of services including: Salesforce […]

  • SharePoint ToolBox 125 – Teams Sample App in C#, Office 365 CLI, SharePoint PnP 01-2018

    Microsoft Teams Csharp Sample App A template for building complex bots for Microsoft Teams – C# version Office UI Fabric React The React-based front-end framework for building experiences for Office and Office 365. Fabric React is a responsive, mobile-first collection of robust components designed to make it quick and simple for you to create web experiences […]

  • SharePoint ToolBox 124 – SharePoint Framework 1.4, Teams Bot Builder, S4B to Teams

    SharePoint Framework 1.4 SharePoint Framework 1.4 tooling and packages are now available, bringing with them a new set of deployment tools as previously discussed in this blog post. Bot Builder Microsoft Teams Extensions The Microsoft Bot Builder SDK Teams Extensions allow you to build bots for Microsoft Teams quickly and easily. Review the documentation to get started! Journey from […]

  • SharePoint ToolBox 123 – BounSky, WaveBox, Transform Data by Example

    SharePoint ToolBox 123 – BounSky, WaveBox, Transform Data by Example

    BounSky  A profile management utility for Skype for Business & Lync. Bounce between sites and accounts with a single click – Freeware Wavebox App Wavebox lets you bring all your web communication tools together for faster, smarter working. Gmail, Google Inbox, Outlook, Office 365, Slack, Trello & more – GitHub Transform Data by Example Do […]

  • SharePoint ToolBox 122 – SPFx web parts and Office365 reporting

    Youtube web part on SharePoint through SharePoint Framework This web part allows to search and view the Youtube videos, across the Youtube api, directly on a SharePoint page, furthermore the property panel offers the possibility to specify the api key, the number of items to display and it is also possible specify a Youtube Channel […]

  • SharePoint ToolBox 121 – IGNITE Edition

    SharePointalist SP Hub SPHub is the newest and exciting addition to our product list. This web part allows to aggregate and group data from multiple repositories in SharePoint and presents them in a structured and neat way. SPHub provides the following grouping options: – Metadata hierarchy (based on term set hierarchy) – Term – Site […]

  • SharePoint ToolBox 120 SharePoint Explorer

    SharePointExplorer ist ein auf der Grundlage von Microsoft .Net entwickeltes Programm für Microsoft SharePoint, dass die schnelle Ablage von Dateien in Ihr Microsoft SharePoint-System und deren Bearbeitung ermöglicht. SharePointExplorer ist Client-/Server basiert und stellt den Client-seitigen Funktionsteil dar. Die Server-seitige Komponente wird durch das Produkt Microsoft SharePoint 2010/2013/2016 und dessen Web-Services repräsentiert, welches die Anfragen der Client-Anwendung […]

  • SharePoint ToolBox 119 Microsoft Script Lab and PowerShell Scripts

    Script Lab, a Microsoft Garage Project Script Lab is a tool for anyone who wants to learn about writing add-ins for Excel, Word, or PowerPoint. The focus is the Office JavaScript API, which is the technology you need for building Office add-ins that run across platforms. Maybe you’re an experienced Office developer and you want […]

  • SharePoint ToolBox 118 Codeplex shutting down

    Microsoft shutting down Codeplex  from: Brian Harry’s blog Almost 11 years after we created CodePlex, it’s time to say goodbye.  We launched CodePlex in 2006 because we, like others in the industry, saw a need for a great place to share software.  Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of amazing options come and go but […]

  • SharePoint ToolBox 117 Bots Bots Bots

    [GitHub] SharePoint Administration Bot The SharePoint Admin Bot is an attempt to make the everyday routinous jobs that a SharePoint Online Administrator or Power User easier. Currently the features are limited but the goal is to make them grow. If the feature you want is not in there yet please submit a feature request or […]

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