SharePoint ToolBox 127 – MS Project Training Template, Office365 API Editor, Bot Builder SDK

Project Training Template für Microsoft Project

Mit dem Project Training Template (.MPP in deutscher und englischer Sprachversion) für Microsoft Project* erhalten Sie eine Starthilfe für einen strukturierten Planungsstart mit dem bewährten Planungswerkzeug von Microsoft. Führen Sie auf anschauliche Art und Weise kleine und große Projekte anhand einer durchdachten Vorlage durch den Planungsprozess und behalten Sie Ressourcen, Zeit und Qualität stets im Blick.


You can test Office 365 API, Microsoft Graph and Office 365 Management Activity API. We support following endpoints.

  • and (Office 365 API – Exchange Online)
  • (Microsoft Graph)
  • (Office 365 Management Activity API)

You can use OAuth or Basic authentication as authentication mechanisms. (Only endpoint supports Basic authentication)

You can display items in your mailbox which are hosted by Exchange Online or

Bot Builder SDK

The Microsoft Bot Framework provides just what you need to build and connect intelligent bots that interact naturally wherever your users are talking, from text/sms to Skype, Slack, Office 365 mail and other popular services.

The Microsoft Bot Builder SDK is one of three main components of the Microsoft Bot Framework. It is a powerful, easy-to-use framework that provides a familiar way for .NET and Node.js developers to develop bots. The Bot Builder SDK provides features that make interactions between bots and users much simpler. Bot Builder also includes an emulator for debugging your bots, as well as a large set of sample bots you can use as building blocks.