SharePoint ToolBox 29


Automated SharePoint 2010 Powershell-based installation script.
AutoSPInstaller has been updated to version 2.5! There have been several updates to the input file XML schema since version 2.0 so make sure you compare any of your existing XML files to the new AutoSPInstallerInput.XML. See below for highlights of changes in v 2.5.

My Task List Rollup

Task List Rollup -  shows tasks from all sites/sub sites. My Task List Rollup is free to use. It works on Site Collection level.

SharePoint 2010 Language Pack Downloader

SharePoint 2010 Language Pack Downloader is a tool to quickly download multiple language pack files for the SharePoint 2010 Server platform.


Download ALL SharePoint 2010 Language Packs using PowerShell – UPDATE

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