SharePoint Toolbox 32

The SharePoint User’s Toolkit von PathToSharePoint

Several little online addons to enhance your SharePoint sites (for 2010 and 2007) generating code snippets for a CEWP

  • Easy-Tabs-v5 Easy Tabs v5
  • If-You-Need-Help If You Need Help
  • Image-Rotator Image Rotator
  • Page-Redirect Page Redirect
  • Bookmarklet-Expand-Collapse-Web-Parts Bookmarklet – Expand/Collapse Buttons for Web Parts
  • Bookmarklet-Print-Preview-Web-Parts Bookmarklet – Print Preview for Web Parts
  • Cross-Site-List-Snapshot Cross-Site List Snapshot
  • SP2010-Tasks-Lists-Rollup Tasks Lists Rollup for SharePoint 2010

SharePoint Feature Administration and Clean Up Tool

Find faulty FeatureDefinitions and cleanly uninstall them. Find Feature remainders in Sites, SiteCollections, WebApps and in the Farm, from e.g. forcefully uninstalled Features from farm without deactivating them before, causing errors. Also, de-/activate Features Farm wide.

Basic SharePoint-Google-Maps-WebPart for SharePoint-Lists

This JavaScript-Solution improves the standard-functionality of SharePoint-Lists. It displays a new Menu-Link in the standard Menu-Toolbar of a SharePoint-List (which contains addresses / coordinates). By clicking this link Google-Maps will be displayed under the SharePoint-List.