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SharePoint PowerShell Timer Jobs

The project “SharePoint PowerShell Timer Jobs” lets you create, modify and delete SharePoint timer jobs that run PowerShell scripts in the context of the SharePoint Timer Service!

CodeForce SPWarmUp

CodeForce SharePoint Warm Up is a small Utility that lets Microsoft SharePoint administrators, "warm up" their web applications. SPWarmUp automatically determines which content application are available on the Web Front End.
It is developed in C#. Administrators that want to keep ther SharePoint Web Front Ends "healthy", let the application pools be recycled once per night. To work around the annoying start up time that occurs when the first request is made to an ASP.NET based web application, use SPWarmUp and run it nightly after the application pools have been recycled.

SharePoint PowerShell WarmUp Script

Every SharePoint farm needs a warm up …

Eric Fang’s SharePoint 2010 workflow activities

  • Calculate Business Hours
  • complete Task by TaskId
  • delete Items By CAML
  • delete list items by ListView
  • enable NewLine for RichText
  • get Current DateTime string
  • get Incoming Email Attachment Links
  • get Local DateTime from UTC DateTime
  • get the latest Relevant TaskID
  • get UserLogins By GroupName
  • update Items By CAML
  • update list items by ListView
  • Suspend the workflow for a number of seconds
  • waitForUnlockWorkflow
  • getCountByListview
  • getCountByCAML

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