SharePoint Toolbox 6

SharePoint 2010 CSV Bulk Term Set Importer

Allows for multiple import of *.csv files to a given term group in SharePoint 2010 Term Store.
It will create new term group based on the name provided. If group already exist, it will delete all term sets and re-imports from *csv files

Infos zum TermStore und zum Import der Metadaten

SharePoint Feature – Export history version to Excel

Add a function to list the action button, the ability to export history version of the item sheet to Excel from the specified date.
Features supports multilanguage, LCID 1029 Czech, LCID 1033 English, LCID 1031 German.

SharePoint 2010 Central Administration Service Application Shortcut Web Part

A small feature that contains a Web Part with links to the management pages for all manageable Service Applications. You can place it anywhere you like in Central Administration, preferable on the CA start page.

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