SharePoint ToolBox 50

Jubiläum – die 50.te ToolBox

SharePoint Branding Package

Create your own Branding package in only a few minutes! This SharePoint Branding Project template is used to create a new SharePoint branding solution wsp package, the package includes a custom masterpage, a minimal master, a custom stylesheet, logo and favicon. All parts can easily be edited or replaced. The wsp includes an activation and deactivation feature as well as a childweb eventreciever to apply branding on all subsites when they are created.

SolidQ Filtered Lookup Columns for Cascading Dropdowns in SharePoint 2010

This framework helps you to do cascading filters in dropdowns lookups columns in SharePoint 2010. It supports more than 20 items scenario, then it works fine with select and also with input tag. And also lets more than one cascade relationship. It is very easy to configure.

SharePoint Euro 2012 – UEFA European Football Predictor

SharePoint Euro 2012 Tournament Predictor is the ultimate one-page EURO 2012 prediction game. Euro2012 Predictor is a free SharePoint Sandbox solution for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Online (365), where you can predict what you think will happen at Euro 2012!

SharePoint Facebook and Twitter Web Parts  (SharePoint 2007)

Show Facebook and Twitter social media web parts on a SharePoint page.

SharePoint ToolBox 49

Template Hub for SharePoint

The SharePoint Template Hub makes it possible for you to have a centralized repository for your templates.
It solves the issue with one-to-one relationships between Content Types and Templates by splitting this up, and give you the possibility to reuse a content type for several templates without any implications. All templates can also have metadata connected to them that will come over to the document when it is saved in the target document library. The document template repository is a standard SharePoint Document Library, thus it supports all the standard metadata, publishing and workflow features for working with your document templates, just like you would expect with regular documents.
The site administrators can configure the end user experience for the Template Selector using views, filters and columns, and you get live previews of your templates as well as sorting, filtering and search.

EF SharePoint 2010 workflow activities

More than 20 custom workflow activities from Eric Fang.

SharePoint Carousel

Sharepoint Carousel\Slider is a webpart that allows you to have a carousel that contains an image with a link below it. it is fully customisable from styles to the actual javascript that generates the slider data, it has currently only been tested with sharepoint 2010.
This is carousel\slider for sharepoint is built of the JCarousel

SharePoint Data Generator

SharePoint Data Generator automatically populates SharePoint lists with realistic test data. Supported Fields: Single line of text, Multiple line of text, Choice, Number, Currency, Date and Time, Lookup, Yes/No, Person or Group, HyperLink or Picture.

SharePoint ToolBox 48 special 365tube


Last weekend I saw a demonstration of this cool application at the ShareCamp 2012 in Munich: 365Tube – a cloud-transition of the MOSS2007 podcast kit (PKS). It’s a Codeplex project so you can download the whole source code!

Using the code and instructions everyone can setup a private youtube-like video library, e.g. for enterprise-2.0 – in a few hours, completely built on cloud components. It also demonstrates how application design has changed from code-centric (in original pks) to service-centric cloud-modules, scaling from a handful of users up to 10.000s.


Target audience

O365 subscribers who wonder how the SP online part can be used (better) or how applications should be build on SP online
O365 propects wondering whether or not to take the SP online module – and what kind of business impacts they can expect if they do
All users looking for an up-to-date replacement of the original PKS


The first version of this PoC is a WSP file and a documentation how to set it up on Office 365. For high scalability and storage considerations Office 365 service was extended with the video transcoding service and the cloud storage Amazon S3.
This example shows how easily such a scenario can be build – and modules can be substituted by similar ones, e.g. replace transloadit/S3 by recently announced Azure Media Services.


I have recorded the whole session for the SharePointPodcast which will be online later this week. The session was in German.

SharePoint ToolBox 47

Camelot Integration Toolkit for SharePoint

Camelot Integration Toolkit simplifies integrations between SharePoint and other solutions, platforms and languages, e.g. PHP and Java. It provides a set of standards for querying and transferring list and library data using standard SQL syntax and CamelotXml via WCF services.

The toolkit is based on the Camelot .NET Connector for Microsoft SharePoint ( It’s a standard ADO.NET driver for SharePoint that makes it possible to query SharePoint lists and document libraries using standard SQL commands, such as SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, SHOW TABLES, SHOW FIELDS, etc. The great thing about the connector is that it allows anyone with basic SQL knowledge to work with SharePoint without any prior experience of sites, lists, views or document libraries.

SPSiteInstaller (updated version 1.3)

This Project contains a set of PowerShell 2.0 Scripts for SharePoint 2010. Using PowerShell, and a Config file to control all the aspects you can automate building a full web structure.

Office 365 Google Analytics

This sandbox solution enables google analytics everywhere in your site collection. This allows you to use the google analytics reporting on all your Office 365 sites.

Office 365 Mobile Access Enables for Public Sites & Blogs

This sandbox solution enables mobile access on Office 365 sites.

Office 365 Anonymous Access Manager Sandbox Solution

The sandbox solution enables you to manage anonymous access of lists on Office 365. It allows setting read, modifying and adding rights.

SharePoint ToolBox 46

Magic Data View Builder

Great XSL support: Tool Create an intelligent XSL template that you can upload to your SharePoint site, and point any XSLT List View web part to it. The XSL should take care of figuring out which columns are in your view, what kind of data they present, and give you a table from which you can copy and paste the necessary XSL elements to create the design you want.

ULS Deobfuscator

ULS Deobfuscator is a viewer for SharePoint ULS log files.

SharePoint Database Information Integration Web Part Suite

The SharePoint Database Web Part Suite helps you to integrate your database information into SharePoint like any other ordinary SharePoint List. The Web Part Suite supports list views and detail dialogs to modify or to create new database entries.

Government of Canada Usability Web Experience Toolkit

This toolkit addresses the Government of Canada usability for CLF. It is based on SharePoint 2010 Server and provides templates for a publishing site with variations enabled. This toolkit includes:

  1. Master Pages
  2. Page Layouts
  3. Custom User Controls
  4. Source Code

SharePoint Toolbox 45 MSDN 101 Code Samples spezial

Microsoft hat auf MSDN 101 Code Samples für SharePoint 2010 veröffentlicht. Jedes Beispiel besteht aus einem eigenen  Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Projekt und kann direkt in eigene Projekten eingesetzt werden. Hier die derzeit beliebtesten Downloads

SharePoint ToolBox 44

SPrello – an open source UI for SharePoint 2010 inspired by

A simple card/post it note like UI for displaying and organising items in SharePoint lists inspired by –  Article with demo video

jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services  (new version)

This is a jQuery library which abstracts SharePoint’s Web Services and makes them easier to use. It also includes functions which use the various Web Service operations to provide more useful (and cool) capabilities. It works entirely client side and requires no server install.

SharePoint 2010 Google Maps V3 WebPart

This versatile SharePoint 2010 webpart allows you to display geographical points using Google Maps. It can get name, description and coordinates of each point from connected list webpart, configured list or directly from URL. It supports coordinates in many formats.

SharePoint FAQ 2010 Web Part

The purpose of the SharePoint FAQ Web Part is to provide a list-based, user-friendly FAQ component to be used in a SharePoint 2010.

SharePoint ToolBox 43

SPEasyBranding (Hands-Free SharePoint Branding)

A SharePoint solution that makes Branding SharePoint sites as easy as 1-2-3. SPEasyBranding provides two features that allow the injection of CSS and JavaScript files into the DOM using either a web part (for updating a single page) or master page delegate.

SharePoint 2010 Tasks Delegations Manager

SharePoint Tasks Delegation Manager The Delegation manager solution is SharePoint project covers the limitation of workflow. Assume that you got tasks assigned from SharePoint workflow and you are not available or you Have to delegate the responsibility to another user for


SharePoint.WarmUp (by Sogeti) is a SharePoint 2010 feature deploying a job in charge to keep all SharePoint sites (and additional URL if needed) awake.

SharePoint PlayGround

Usefull controls, webparts and tools to use with SharePoint. For example : Search Tag Cloud, Netvibes WebPart, Concepts Extractor for Fast, Weather WebPart, WebClipping…

SharePoint 2010 The Genesis Framework

The SharePoint Genesis Framework for SharePoint 2010 gives you a new way to declare fields, content types, list instances and feature definitions in code. It also gives you a more flexible solution for handling entities than SPMetal and Linq-2-SharePoint.

SharePoint ToolBox 42

Dynamisches Inhaltsverzeichnis für SharePoint Foundation Listen-Wikis Version 2.0

  • Das Wiki Inhaltsverzeichnis von 1stQuad Solutions erstellt dynamisch über JavaScript eine Hierarchie aus den gefundenen HTML Header-Elementen (H1 bis H4, konfigurierbar)

Chart Part für SharePoint 2010

  • Das grossartige Chart Web Part von Wictor Wilén ( für WSS 3 und MOSS, welches auf Codeplex ( der Community zur Verfügung steht, ist eine saubere Gratislösung zur Gestaltung von Charts anhand von Listendaten. 1stQuad Solutions hat basierend auf dem Sourcecode eine neue Visual Studio 2010 Solution gebaut und die nötigen Anpassungen für SharePoint 2010 durchgeführt.

SharePoint (2010) Farm Backup

  • Leveraging the power of the new SharePoint 2010 Management Shell, this powerful PowerShell script will perform a SharePoint farm/site backup based on your requirements as stipulated in an accompanying params XML file.

UsersADBrowser Web Part

  • Web Part for SharePoint 2010 to display a list of users and organizational units Active Directory

SharePoint ToolBox 41– Apps spezial

Heute eine Toolbox Spezial zum Thema Apps

SkyDrive für iPhone/iPad von Microsoft

Der ideale Aufbewahrungsort für Ihre Dateien ist SkyDrive von Microsoft, denn Sie können diese jederzeit von nahezu jedem Gerät aus erreichen. Mit SkyDrive für iPhone können Sie von unterwegs aus nun ganz leicht auf Ihre Dateien zugreifen, diese verwalten und freigeben. Sie können auch Fotos oder Videos von Ihrem iPhone aus auf SkyDrive hochladen.


  • Voller Zugriff auf Ihre SkyDrive-Inhalte, einschließlich der Dateien, die für Sie freigegeben wurden.
  • Anzeige aller kürzlich verwendeten Dokumente.
  • Hochladen von Fotos oder Videos von Ihrem Telefon aus.
  • Mit E-Mails Links auf eine beliebige Datei freigeben.
  • Erstellen von Ordnern. Löschen von Dateien oder Ordnern.

Skydrive App gibt es natürlich auch für Windows Phone 7

OneNote für iPhone/iPad von Microsoft

  • Endlich gibt es die OneNote Apps für iOS / iPad /iPhone auch in Deutschland. Man braucht einen Windows Live Account, da die OneNote Dateien über Skydrive gesynct werden. Weitere Änderungen und neue Features. Die Basis App ist kostenfrei für bis zu 500 Notizen, unlimitierte Notizen gibt es per InApp-Kauf für €11,99 für’s iPad und € 3,99 für’s iPhone

ShareTask von Kalmstrom

With ShareTask you can manage your SharePoint Tasks while on the run.  ShareTask gives you SharePoint list items directly in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
Handle them with a finger! With ShareTask in your iOS device you may:

  • add new tasks
  • edit tasks
  • complete tasks
  • change status
  • add new comments
  • open attachments
  • upload images from the camera or gallery to SharePoint.

ShareTask kostet € 2,39

SharePoint ToolBox 40

Get Short Link for SharePoint

A SharePoint 2010 Sandboxed Solution that enables URL shortening, for easier sharing of documents stored in a document library. Works both for SharePoint in Office 365 and on premises.

Display members of AD group in SharePoint 2010

Show members of SharePoint groups, users and members of AD groups on SharePoint 2010 site.

LifeInSharePoint Metro UI Masterpage

A SharePoint 2010 Masterpage design which is inspired from the Metro UI of Windows 8. The design has the following features: Liquid Layout, Cufon Integration, Jquery Accordion Quicklaunch with Sub Item Count, Full Solution with single Site Feature to activate branding (Thanks CKS:Dev Team)

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