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SharePointToolBox 91 App Download Multiple Documents

store96x96DMDMit dieser kostenlosen SharePoint 2013-App der Solutions2Share kann man mit einem Buttom im Ribbon mehrere Dokumente in einer komprimierten Datei herunterladen. Es können auch komplette Ordner oder Dokumtensets heruntergeladen werden  und eine Kombination aus mehreren Dateien, Ordnern und Dokumentensets ist ebenso möglich.

In den Internet Explorer Versionen 8 und 9 steht die Zip Funktion und das Starten des automatischen Downloads nicht zur Verfügung. Die ausgewählten Dateien werden per Link zum Download angeboten.

Unterstützt werden zur Zeit die Standardbibliotheken „Document Library“, „Picture Library“, „Wiki Page Library“, „Forms Library“.

Download der App im Office App Store

Support erhalten Sie unter oder unter

SharePointToolBox 90 Free Sharepoint AZ Index Web Part



The Amrein AZ Index Web Part allows to either interactively filter a Sharepoint List web part or to transmit the selected value as an URL parameter to another page (as for example by placing the AZ Index web part on the homepage to let users select the first letter of a staff member which then redirects the user to the „Staff Directory“ web page).

The AZ Index Web Part can be used with Windows Sharepoint Services V3, MOSS 2007, Sharepoint 2010 and Sharepoint 2013.

Free to download at Amrein.


SharePointToolBox 89 – SharePoint Solution Packs

SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online solution packs

The SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online solution packs contain code samples and documentation that demonstrate how to use site branding and site provisioning techniques, create and use UX components, and address search customization scenarios for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online.

SharePoint 2013 Search Query Tool

Tool to test and debug the Search REST API in SharePoint 2013. Issue GET and POST search and suggestions queries. Use also against SharePoint Online.

SharePoint Client Browser for SharePoint 2010 and 2013

The SharePoint Client Browser uses the CSOM to connect to a remote SharePointSite Collection and shows the site structure with related properties and values.

SharePointToolBox 88 – Visio Stencils

New Office Visio Stencils

This set of stencils contains more than 300 icons to help you create visual representations of Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office 365 deployments including Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, Microsoft Lync Server 2013, and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013.

TechNet Modern Style Visio Stencils for System Center

„Modern“ style Visio stencil for the following System Center products: Virtual Machine Manager Data Protection Manager Configuration Manager Orchestrator

Windows Azure Pack & Windows Azure Visio Stencil

Visio stencil created for some of the Microsoft CloudOS stack and this stencil contains images that cover things like the WAP Admin & Tenant portals, SPF Web Server, SMA, Service Bus and Workflow Manager

SharePointToolBox 87 – Change Password Webpart

ITaCS Password Changer 3.0

itacspwThis web part enables users to change their local or Active Directory password from within a SharePoint Site Collection.

It is designed for SharePoint Foundation (2010/2013) and the SharePoint Server (2010/2013).


  • Change your password on the local machine or in an Active Directory environment (2003, 2003 R2, 2008, 2008 R2)
  • Multilingual version: English, German and Custom (using Custom as language setting enables you to define your own label and button text values)
  • Get notifications about Active Directory password requirements (like minimum password length, minimum password age, password history length, etc.)
  • Define the detail level of warnings and error messages
  • Improved installation and performance
  • AJAX 3.5 integration – ASP.NET AJAX Extensions 1.0 not needed anymore. Instead .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or above is a requirement for using AJAX rendering of this web part (see installation instructions)
  • Dynamic AJAX rendering activation via tool part
  • Configurable password expiration notification (optional)
  • Extended customization options for custom text labels
  • Improved error handling if password change attempt fails
  • Supports Claims-Environment with Windows Auth

New Features in Version 3.0

  • Easy Installation
  • SharePoint 2010 and 2013 (Foundation and Server)
  • Password strength indicator
  • Plugin support to extend functionality by custom code1
  • Warning if an unsecured connection is used
  • Copyright hint can be removed1
  • Auditing of password changes (and attempts)
  • Logging into the SharePoint logs

1 valid licence required

SharePointToolBox 86

ULS Viewer

ULS Viewer is a Windows application that provides a simplified view of ULS log files in SharePoint 2013 that supports aggregation, filtering, sorting, highlighting, append, and more.

Helping Streamline Log Shipping Failovers

Helps create/execute the Disaster Recovery steps performed while failing over Log Shipped databases. Most helpful for multiple databases, such as SharePoint, consolidated SQL Servers, etc. However, it also makes even a single database failover a more straightforward process.


SPPoSh is an extension to the out-of-the-box SharePoint Server 2013 PowerShell cmdlets provided by Microsoft. It is entirely free to use! Building on the.NET framework, using the SharePoint Server 2013 Object Model and CSOM, SPPoSh allows users to bridge the gap between developers and IT Pros, allowing a language that is normally only aimed at the IT Pros, to interact with objects at a lower level that would normally be controlled by the Power Users and the Developers.

SharePointToolBox 85 – SharePoint Designer 2010 and 2013 special

SharePoint ToolBox 85 – SharePoint Designer 2010 and 2013 special

Social Workplace Power Toys

The Social Workplace Power Toys is a series of Reference Implementation solutions intented to demonstrate the power of the Sitrion Social API for custom solutions development.

Activities for SharePoint Designer 2013

This custom activity for SharePoint Designer 2013 aims within a document library re-inherit permissions from the parent object of an item, the project now has to use a single activity, a posteriori will be adding more activities to make it a Activity pool.

String Workflow Actions for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online

This project provides ready to use string processing workflow actions. All workflow actions and source code are available for free. You can use workflow actions in SharePoint Designer 2013 as well as in Visual Studio

Workflow validation

SharePoint solution allow the administrator to design the custom business process to validate list items.

Update Multiple List Items SharePoint Designer Workflow

A SharePoint designer workflow that updates multiple list items at once

SharePointToolBox 84


A forms solution for SharePoint 2013 and 2010. It is built in TypeScript (so it compiles to JavaScript). To use it, just download the compiled SPForms.js file.

SharePoint 2010 & 2013 Google Maps V3 WebPart

This versatile SharePoint 2010 & 2013 webpart allows you to display geo data from your SharePoint using Google Maps.

Forms 7 – A lightweight InfoPath alternative for SharePoint

Forms7 is a lightweight InfoPath alternative that uses a jQuery plugin that allows users to easily create forms for SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 using basic HTML.

Corporate News App for SharePoint 2013

This project is an open and free App for SharePoint 2013. This tool helps site owners to add simple corporate news client app parts in SharePoint sites


SharePointToolBox 83

Language Switcher for SharePoint 2013

Do you miss the language switching functionality from SharePoint 2010?
We do! Solutions2Share developed a little tool which brings the Language Switcher back to SharePoint 2013. It’s free to download.

Back Up Your SharePoint

SPSBackUp is a PowerShell script tool to Backup your SharePoint environment. It’s compatible with SharePoint 2010 & 2013.

Wake Up Your SharePoint

SPSWakeUp is a PowerShell script tool to warm up all site collection in your SharePoint environment. It’s compatible with all supported versions for SharePoint

SharePointToolBox 82 – 16 freie Webparts

16 freie Webparts für SharePoint 2010, 2013 und Office 365

Eine sehr umfangreiche Sammlung von Webparts und Tools hat Ashok Raja programmiert und über CodePlex veröffentlicht. Die Tools sind nicht getestet – Erfahrungen gern als Kommentar

Script Box WebPart

Easily refer JavaScript and CSS style sheets in SharePoint Application with Script Box WebPart (This not OTB Script Editor WebPart) – SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010

Muti WebPart Tab Pages WebPart

Combine multiple Web Parts placed in a SharePoint 2013 Page into Tab Pages with the help of this Muti WebPart Tab Pages WebPart. This WebPart accepts web part titles as input parameter and convert those WebParts into Tab Pages – SharePoint 2013

Tab Pages Web Part

Muti Tab Pages WebPart in SharePoint 2013 with jQuery Easy Tabs Plugin. No more combining multiple web parts into Tab Pages. You can create tab pages in a single web part itself with this Multi Tab Pages WebPart. Source code is provided for SharePoint 2013, but it can be easily converted to SharePoint 2010 – SharePoint 2013

Feature Manager WebPart for Office 365

Feature Manager web part for public facing SharePoint 2013 website of Office 365. As there is no Manage Features option available in public facing site of Office 365, this web part would help to manage features.  – Office 365, SharePoint 2013

Twitter Feed WebPart

Twitter Feed WebPart based on Twitter API 1.1.This web part has the capability to render the content in default Twitter Timeline mode based on Twitter Widget ID and also has a custom rendering mode – SharePoint 2013

Flip Book WebPart

Flip Book WebPart transforms the web part content to a book with cover that can be flipped page by page. – SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010

Announcement Slider Web Part

Create a Slider based on the items available in your Announcement list. – SharePoint 2010

Image Carousel Web Part

Image carousel web part is based on highly popular Nivo slider plugin. This web part supports all configuration option provided by Nivo Slider. These configuration settings can be set via properties of web part – SharePoint 2013

Data List Web Part

This is a grid web part based on jQuery plugin data tables. This plugin provides extensive options to sort, filter and search grid items. – SharePoint 2013

News Ticker Web Part

A news ticker in SharePoint 2013. – SharePoint 2013

Change Password Web Part

Change Password WebPart for Active directory Users in SharePoint 2010 – SharePoint 2010

Twitter Feed Client Web Part

SharePoint 2013 Napa App which renders tweets based on a Twitter handler – SharePoint 2013 NAPA

Access Denied Web Part

This web part can be configured to redirect users to access denied page or to a custom URL irrespective of their privileges available for that page. – SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010

Metro UI Live Tiles Web Part

Live Tiles Web Part based on Metro UI – SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010

Dynamic Promoted Links

Promoted Links WebPart with dynamic data feed – SharePoint 2013

Share Point Dynamic Forms

This is a separate codeplex project , which has the capability to create data entry forms dynamically based on the configuration details set in the web part or in a separate configuration file. – SharePoint 2010

16 freie Webparts für SharePoint 2010, 2013 und Office 365

SharePoint ToolBox 81 – Fussball WM 2014 Tippspiel App für SharePoint


Ein SharePoint Toolbox Special zur Fußball WM 2014

Die novaCapta in Köln stellt zur Fußball Weltmeisterschaft 2014 eine kostenlose SharePoint Tipp-App für das Intranet zur Verfügung. Mit der App kann man:

  • Kollegen zum Tippen einladen
  • Tipps direkt auf der SharePoint Pinnwand veröffentlichen
  • Den kompletten Spielplan und alle bisherigen Ergebnisse einsehen
  • Tipps bis kurz vor Spielende abgeben und ändern
  • Alle eigenen Tipps und Punkte ansehen
  • Das Tipp-Ranking aufrufen – auch als Webpart über beliebige SharePoint-Seiten

Die WM Tippspiel-App kann über den Microsoft SharePoint AppStore hier   heruntergeladen werden, ist mobilfähig und kostenlos. Die App ist zur Zeit lauffähig auf Office 365/SharePoint Online.

Ausführliche Info bei novaCapta





SharePoint ToolBox 80

Office 365 Drive Mapping for Enterprise Desktops

Office 365 Drive Mapping for use with Enterprise Desktops. Allows users to utilize the technology known as SharePoint Online for folder redirection. This project is to enable the use of Office 365 as redirected folders in Microsoft. Specifically, this script and method can be used on a Windows 7 desktop (or higher) with Citrix and roaming profiles (or any persistent profile method). What makes this unique is that no local storage is used (unless you can’t connect to office 365 and then it’s only temporary).

Sharepoint 2013- language toggle

In SharePoint 2013 the language switcher drop down is removed … So we have tried to implement our own switcher with same concept in SharePoint 2010. Reference the Changing the Display Language – But trying to add the JavaScript was useless.

LDAP/AD Claims Provider For SharePoint 2013

In SAML authentication mode, SharePoint does not try to resolve user input in the people picker, and anything users type is validated without any check.
This claims provider implements lookup against Active Directory or any other LDAP, and comes with 2 administration pages (available under Central administration / Security) to customize many settings to fit most of the organization needs: