SharePoint ToolBox 11

Eine sommerliche Ausgabe der ToolBox

State Machine Workflow mit InfoPath Formularen für SharePoint 2010

Kein Tool im eigentlichen Sinne,aber Reiner Ganser hat sich sehr intensiv mit State Machine Workflows beschäftigt und seine ausführliche dreiteilige Serie enthält CodeSamples zur Umsetzung des Workflows.

Enhanced RSS Viewer Web Part

für MOSS2007 /WSS3

This web part displays aggregated RSS feeds from a local or remote location.
These are the features provided by this webpart:

  • It uses XSLT (it also supports dataform runtime extension functions – ddwrt) to transform the rss xml into html.
  • It can connect to rss that requires authentication as well.
  • It can aggregate several feeds and display them together


EBE 3.0-Enhanced Blog Edition 3.0

Neue Version des Community Kits for SharePoint Enhanced Blog Edition

New Features

  • Ability to theme wiki pages
  • Ability to export post to PDF
  • Localization (French, Spanish)
  • Technorati Links from post categories
  • Ability to bookmark post with Twitter
  • Centralized Theming – Ability to create a theme library at the root and allow sub blog sites to use the common theme library.
  • The ability to add an XML feed control
  • Logging of pingbacks and trackback errors to SharePoint Logs directory
  • Support of feature stapling
  • Preliminary SharePoint 2010 Beta 3 compatible (with web.config edits)
  • EBE caching and performance validation
  • Performance increases for page loads less than <3 sec
  • Note: Some features are specific to certain themes


  • Caching enhancements
  • Added caching to XML controls
  • Added enhanced XSL caching
  • Ability to exclude the EBE HttpModule from specific paths
  • Auto-Discovery for Live Writer metaweblog api
    Tweaks and enhancements to all themes
  • Ability to sign-in after denied access to system pages
  • Posts with future date are now hidden from posts list
  • Browser title now matches post titles
  • Comments are not added if they are spam

SharePoint 2010 CSV Bulk Taxonomy TermSet Importer/Exporter

Allows for multiple import/export of *.csv files to a given term group in SharePoint 2010 Term Store.
Import: It will create new term group based on the name provided. If group already exist, it will delete all term sets and re-imports from *csv files.

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