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Real World Branding with SharePoint 2010 Publishing Sites

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 publishing sites use Publishing Features to provide capabilities to create engaging web content management (WCM) sites. This article focuses on the mechanics of properly planning and creating a design for an external, Internet-facing website with a publishing site. The article uses a fictitious travel company, Adventure Works Travel, as an example of a company that wants to create an extensively branded SharePoint site.

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FBA Configuration Manager for SharePoint 2010

Setting up Forms Based Authentication in SharePoint 2010 requires updating the web.config file of three web applications.
This utility allows you to update all 3 configs in a single click. The updater can also be invoked from PowerShell.
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SharePoint FaceBook Like Button

This Solution Package consists of a Web Part that can be used as a "Like" button, and a List Template that can be used to create a list to store a record of who "Likes" particular items. The button can be added to List Item Display / Edit pages at this stage. This does not integrate with the FaceBook website, it is simply a "Like" button similar to what you see on FaceBook.

SharePoint MUI Manager

The SharePoint MUI Manager allows you to translate user-specified text, such as the Title and Description of the site, throught the web interface.
There is no need to download, edit and upload a RESX file. After activating the site collection feature, you will see a new like called “MUI Manger” in the site settings.

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