SharePoint Toolbox 18

Drag & Drop for SharePoint

Organize your SharePoint document libraries by moving documents using jQuery Multi-Select Drag&Drop (MSDD) functionality.
The goal of this project is to provide SharePoint users a better&faster UI experience when they organize files and folders in document libraries.

SharePoint 2010 Workflow History List

This project hosts a customized version of the Workflow History List for SharePoint 2010. The Description column on this list can handle messages up to 1024 characters.

Tab Web Part

This solution is used to present the content of WebParts in a tab like user interface. All the WebParts added in a particular zone will appear in a tab kind of interface in the design mode.  The javascript transforms the WebParts in a particular “web part zone,” which contains individual web parts, into a tab like control. The contents of each tab is the contents of the web part itself. It is tested on a SharePoint 2010 sandboxed solution.

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