SharePoint Toolbox 26

FAST Search for Sharepoint 2010 Query Logger

The FS4SP query logger will make it easier for developers and IT pro’s to debug user queries. This tool will monitor the internal query logs in FAST for SharePoint and re-execute the query and capture the result XML directly from the QR server. The xml will show what has been done to the query internally in FAST and is useful for debugging purposes. If you have more than two queries a second it might not log all of them in the current implementation.

Month Filter Web Part for SharePoint 2010

The Month Filter Web Part is a dropdown list of rolling dates that are dynamically populated in relation to the current date. The web part uses of the ITransformableFilterValues interface which allows it to connect with a SSRS 2008 Report Viewer web part.


Taxomatic is a SharePoint 2010 plugin which allows you to export your entire taxonomy from the Term Store to an XML file. It also allows you to import the Taxonomy from the XML file into a Term Store on the same or on a different farm.

Free SharePoint 2010 MasterPages & CSS

This project provides free SharePoint Foundation & SharePoint Server MasterPages for the masses. This includes not only the MasterPages but the overiding CSS. I welcome contributors to the project whatever your skill level.

SharePoint 2010 Random List Item

RandomListItem will randomly display one item of a specified sharepoint list as hyperlink. Originaly it is used as a "allready knew?" list for our Intranet

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