SharePoint Toolbox 27

SharePoint InlineSiteSettings 2010

Quickly access your Site Settings from anywhere in your SharePoint 2010 site collection by pressing Ctrl+s. Next, when the dialog shows, start typing the first few characters of the link you want to follow, and it will automatically redirect you to that page.

SP List Kit for SharePoint 2010

SP List Kit for SharePoint 2010 is rich feature set to enhance usability of all SharePoint Lists. It supports SharePoint 2010. SP List Category Filter supports Farm Solutions, and SP List Advanced Search/SP List Item Copy support Sandboxed Solutions.

SharePoint Outlook Connector

SharePoint Outlook Connector makes it easier for outlook users to upload emails to SP and attach SP documents to an email message . You’ll no longer have to save your email to desktop and upload from SP UI or download SP documents to your drive and attach them to your email.

SharePoint XSL Templates

This project is a place to share useful XSL templates that can be reused in SharePoint Content Query Web Parts (CQWPs), Data View Web Parts (DVWPs), and other XSL-based Web Parts.

  • ConvertToCelsius Converts a temperature in degrees Farenheit to degrees Celsius.
  • FormatFileSize This template will format a file size (or any other number for that matter) into the appropriate unit of measure (Bytes, KB, MB, GB, TB) based on its magnitude.
  • MultiSelectDisplay This template lets you display the values in a multiselect column "nicely", using a separator of your choosing.
  • MultiSelectValueCheck This template checks to see if a specific value is present in a multi-value column.
  • GetPercentileValue Given a nodeset and a percentile (expressed as a number from 0-100), returns the percentile value of a column.
  • FirstNWords Displays the first N words from a string of text. (Use StripHTML first if your content includes markup.)
  • StripHTML Strips the HTML tags out of a section of content.
  • ToLower Converts a string to lower case.
  • ToUpper Converts a string to upper case.
  • GetUserID This template returns the user’s ID from a Person or Group value.
  • GetUserIDs This template returns the user IDs from a Person or Group column which allows multi-select.
  • GetUserName This template returns the user’s name from a Person or Group value.
  • GetUserNames This template returns the user names from a Person or Group column which allows multi-select.
  • GetUserEmail This template returns the user’s Email from a Person or Group value.
  • MailtoUser This template returns a mailto: link for the user’s Email from a Person or Group value.
  • MailtoUsers This template returns mailto: links for the user Emails from a Person or Group column which allows multi-select.

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