SharePoint ToolBox 37

MediaPlayerCS4 / HD Media Center for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2010 Online

HD Media Center for SharePoint 2010 organizes and catalogs your video media assets library into a central location where you can view and play your media assets. The player provides support for 4:3 standard video up to 1080p resolution HD media. MediaPlayerCS4 Web Developer Edition MediaPlayerCS4 Silverlight 4 Video Library is a configurable comprehensive full featured Silverlight Media Player.The installation comes with 4 xap packages each displaying a different skin.

Windows PowerShell Command Builder

The Windows PowerShell Command Builder for SharePoint 2010 Products and Office 365 is a Silverlight application that enables IT pros and power users to visually assemble commands in the browser and then take those commands to their respective products. Click to open the Windows PowerShell Command Builder in a new browser window or  see the Getting Started Guide.

SharePoint Feature Administration and Clean Up Tool

Find faulty FeatureDefinitions and cleanly uninstall them. Find feature remainders in sites, SiteCollections, WebApps and in the Farm, caused e.g. by forcefully uninstalled Features from a farm without deactivating them before.

SharePoint 2010 WarmUp Utility for SharePoint Administrators

SharePoint 2010 WarmUp Utility based and only based on PowerShell. Flexible enough to be handled and customized by the IT.

CASI Kit for SharePoint 2010, Windows Azure and Claims Integration

The CASI Kit provides guidance, tools and sample code to connect from your SharePoint 2010 farm to Windows Azure. It also passes the claim set for the current user with each request.

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