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SharePoint Toolbox 6

SharePoint 2010 CSV Bulk Term Set Importer

Allows for multiple import of *.csv files to a given term group in SharePoint 2010 Term Store.
It will create new term group based on the name provided. If group already exist, it will delete all term sets and re-imports from *csv files

Infos zum TermStore und zum Import der Metadaten

SharePoint Feature – Export history version to Excel

Add a function to list the action button, the ability to export history version of the item sheet to Excel from the specified date.
Features supports multilanguage, LCID 1029 Czech, LCID 1033 English, LCID 1031 German.

SharePoint 2010 Central Administration Service Application Shortcut Web Part

A small feature that contains a Web Part with links to the management pages for all manageable Service Applications. You can place it anywhere you like in Central Administration, preferable on the CA start page.

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SharePoint ToolBox 5

FAST for Sharepoint MOSS 2010 Query Tool

Tool to query FAST for Sharepoint and Sharepoint 2010 Enterprise Search. It utilizes the search web services to run your queries so you can test your queries remotely from your local machine. It shows your results, allows you to refine your query (FAST), and page your results.
The FAST for Sharepoint MOSS 2010 Query Tool is a WPF client that allows a developer to explore the scopes and managed properties of a given SharePoint Search SSP, build queries in FQL, Keyword, or SQL Syntax, submit those queries and examine the raw web service results. This tool can be useful in building and troubleshooting your FAST (Keyword and FQL) and Sharepoint (Keyword and MSSQL) search queries

Projekt auf CodePlex

Productivity Hub Solution

The Productivity Hub 2010 is a customizable, on-premise training solution for technology products. Developed by RedTech for Microsoft, the Productivity Hub is based on SharePoint 2010. Code for the Productivity Hub’s Sliverlight components and other add-ons can be found here.

Projekt auf Codeplex

Gov 2.0 Kit v2 for Sharepoint 2010

The Gov 2.0 Kit makes it easier for federal and state and local governments to fast-track their Gov 2.0 deployments and leverage existing Microsoft SharePoint™ 2010 deployments through the use of accelerator templates. These templates allow government agencies to gear their sites around some of the emerging key trends in eGovernment today!

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HP Sizer for Microsoft SharePoint

HP Sizer for Microsoft SharePoint is a complimentary planning resource that encapsulates knowledge gained from extensive performance characterization of Office SharePoint Server 2007 and SharePoint 2010 in the HP Alliances Performance and Solutions labs. The Sizer offers a quick and consistent methodology for determining and comparing configurations, as well as detailed, customizable server and storage solutions complete with bill of materials and pricing.

Download bei HP

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SharePoint Toolbox 4

Data Synchronisation Studio – Community Edition

Data Synchronisation Studio is a powerful application for publishing business data directly to SharePoint Lists from variety of Data sources such as SQL Server Tables and Views, Oracle, MySQL, Active Directory and Exchange Server.

Import and Export data between multiple Line-of-Business Applications such as SQL Server and SharePoint without making system or configuration changes to these systems.

(This version provides the basic features but limits the comparison to 1000 rows)

SharePoint Rsync List

This program will syncronize files and directories from and unc/local/sharepoint to a SharePoint 2007 or 2010 server. Supports of to 2GB files and both manually and timer based syncs. Setting metadata on files is also supported.

Linkbutton Web Part

This SharePoint 2007 web part places a configurable button in a SharePoint web part zone. The button can be configured to specify a URL which the button will navigate to. The URL can contain a query string that has variables wich can be replaced by the users login information including user name, full name, and email address.

SharePoint Admin Dashboard

SharePoint Dashboard for admins. Allows lightening fast multiple server management. RDP doesn’t scale. Manage 10 servers easier than 1 with incredible "Grid" scripts that put everything on one page.

Wildcard Search Web Part for SharePoint 2010

The Wildcard Search web part for MOSS 2007 was wildly successful. Although, SharePoint 2010 has built-in wildcard searching functionality, the out-of-the box web part requires the user to add an asterisk to the search query. This web part resolves that issue.

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SharePoint Toolbox 3

Site Directory for SharePoint 2010 

Ersatz für das Website-Verzeichnis von SharePoint 2007, das es in SharePoint 2010 nicht mehr als Sitevorlage gibt.

In SharePoint 2010, it is no longer possible to create a new site based on the Site Directory site definition. This solution aims to provide a similar set of features as the old 2007 Site Directory but it goes a bit further and has several key benefits over the way Site Directory was implemented in 2007

There are three main components

  • Site Listings List
  • Scan Job
  • Delete Broken Listings Job


PowerShell-Script zur automatischen Installation von SharePoint 2010

This project mainly consists of a PowerShell script, an XML input file, and a standard windows batch file (to kick off the process) which together provide a quick and near-unattended installation and initial config (Service Apps, My Sites) of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. Works on both Windows 2008 and 2008 R2 (x64 only, of course).

SharePoint 2010 Alert Controller

Tool zur Anzeige von Benachrichtigungen in einer bestimmten Liste

In MOSS 2007 and SharePoint Server 2010 we can’t look our alerts with ListName, we can look them with username . some cases we can recover the time loss ,to see alerts with the listname,at the same time we can see alerts with username like SharePoint Server 2010 or MOSS 2007 with this tool.

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SharePoint Toolbox 2

Community Kit for SharePoint

The new vision for the Community Kit for SharePoint (CKS) is one of a long-term, community-driven project that exists alongside the official product releases from Microsoft, exploring and extending the functionality of the product while at the same time providing a set of sample applications, best practices, and reusable modules that extend and support the SharePoint community and ecosystem. Our ultimate goal is to be a primary driver and supporter of the SharePoint community as it evolves over the years.

SharePoint Permissions Manager (MOSS2007 + WSS3.0)

This tool aims to bring together on one screen, most of management capabilities of permissions for an entire SharePoint site

  • Overall display permissions for groups on the Sharepoint libraries and website pages
  • Adding, modifying, deleting permissions with a few clicks without having to go through a lot of screens
  • Export as an Excel table permissions
  • Copy permissions between lists and pages

SharePoint Service Account Password Recovery Tool

Lost or forgotten your SharePoint service account password? This utility will recover the information for you. Simply run this on your SharePoint server and all the service account credentials will be displayed. The account list can be exported to Excel.

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SharePoint Toolbox 1

Ab sofort gibt es neben der SharePoint Kaffeetasse hier auch die SharePoint Toolbox, wo ich in Zukunft neue und interessante Tools und Addons für SharePoint vorstellen werde:

  • SharePoint Account Provision
    Account provisioning webparts for SharePoint 2007. Provides an administrative interface in SharePoint for creating new users. Users can also change their password from SharePoint. Compatible with WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007.
    Tested with: ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider, SqlMembershipProvider, Windows intergrated authentication, Custom membership providers.
  • ITaCS Change Password web part
    This web part enables users to change their local or Active Directory password from within a SharePoint Site Collection. It is designed for Windows SharePoint Services v3 and the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 as well.
  • Portal Solutions SharePoint Toolbox
    This project consists of several SharePoint add-on, enhancements, web parts and framework developed by Portal Solutions to speed up SharePoint deployment. The tools includes rollup and aggregation web parts and provisioning framework (on-create site event)

    • WssSync – a tool easing synchronization between files on local hard drive and files in SharePoint content DB.
    • WssDeploy – a remote server deployment and debugging assistance tool integrated with Visual Studio 2008
  • SharePoint Enhanced Calendar by ArtfulBits 
    This WSS feature enhance SharePoint calendar and provides "AJAX-like" functionality for On-the-Fly features of adding, deleting, dragging, resizing, editing appointments and events in Outlook 2007 like style.
  • Fusion Charts Free for SharePoint (FCFS)
    Fusion Charts Free for SharePoint (FCFS) provides a set of 22 different charts (2D & 3D) that integrates easily into your SharePoint environment (WSS 3.0 or MOSS 2007).
    FCFS provides you a powerful way to display very nice looking charts into SharePoint with minimum effort.

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